BIM Dynamo

3rd November 2016

Continuing in our commitment to BIM and our desire to remain at the cutting edge of BIM technology we have been looking at how we can utilise Dynamo to speed up some of the more repetitive modelling issues that we encounter on a fairly regular basis.

BIM model

One particular issue is the placing of concrete piles to be used as either a contiguous or secant piled retaining walls, to place these as conventional Revit elements can take time especially when the basement changes shape and or size which is where Dynamo is starting to save us time, a simple(ish) dynamo script to set a few controlling parameters and we have a fully parametric pile layout with piles set to whatever size and centres are required we simply tweak the controls and the pile realignment is adjusted.

Although this is a small step in the use of Dynamo it has opened our minds to the exciting possibilities for the use of the software in conjunction with Revit.