Creative in our communicating

26 March 2020

In the space of a week, following new guidelines from the government on working during the Coronavirus outbreak, substantial changes have come about in the way we are communicating with our clients and team.

Our established technology group were proactive in researching what changes we needed to make to allow for all staff to work remotely. The circumstances have forced us to advance quickly, investing in new technology and programs so we can successfully adapt with minimal changes to the way we work, the ongoing communication on our projects and the processes we follow.

This week Margaret and Chris have completed a successful Stage 4 design review on 25-48 Floodgate Street in Birmingham, as all our QA procedures and design continue as normal. Annual reviews are still going ahead over WebEx and of course 11am tea, biscuits and cake (for the lucky few of us) is still a part of our daily routine!

We hope for our projects that the journey to delivery will continue to be a positive experience as we all adapt to this new way of working. We will continue to think creatively for alternative ways of communicating to get the best of out of this situation. Maybe it will even change the way we work in the future?