Our route to Carbon Zero

Integral Engineering Design have always advocated materially efficient and sustainable design to reduce carbon emissions and to use resources responsibly. With increasing awareness of the climate crisis this has never been more important. All sectors need to redouble their efforts towards decarbonising to help deliver the reductions mandated by the Paris Climate Agreement. The construction of and operating buildings accounts for almost half of the UK’s carbon emissions. Our sector plays a crucial role in delivering the changes needed.

We were early signatories to Engineers Declare petition and we are pledging to deliver on the principles it puts forward.

Two of the main Engineers Declare concepts are: the adoption of design principles and practices which work toward net zero emissions and a collaborative approach to help raise awareness, share knowledge and advocate for change. Integral has and will endeavour to reduce carbon emissions through our design work and how we operate as a practice to target the goal of zero emissions by 2050.

On our projects sustainable design is at the forefront of our approach and we are enhancing our knowledge and improving our resources to facilitate efficient design with lower carbon materials. We have upgraded and improved our methodology to count and monitor embodied carbon specified in our structural solutions to ensure we remain on track. We are undertaking this on all of our future projects allowing our clients to understand the embodied carbon in proposed solutions to assist them in making informed decisions.

In the company we are actively trying to reduce our travel and office operational carbon, using technology to allow more remote working, reduce the amount of printing and to purchase supplies sustainably. Where we can’t reduce, we, have been and will continue to offset our operational carbon.

To share and advocate what we are doing, alongside giving low carbon talks and presentations to clients and colleagues, we are going to overhaul this website so sustainability is positioned as a focus with new content both to share what steps we are taking and to report on how well we are achieving our climate goals.

We hope therefore to see you back on the new look pages soon to share our journey.