A new visitor centre for the world heritage site of Bath with education spaces to support the Roman Baths. The buildings include the former Grade II listed Bath City Laundry and a boiler house used for re-heating thermal water from the King’s Spring. A 19th century archway, from which the project gets its name, transports the thermal spa waters from the Roman Baths to the laundry building. A new storey has been added to the existing building to provide a circulation core, service spaces and a new rooftop meeting space. The building is linked to the Roman Baths complex via the York Street undercroft which has previously unseen Roman remains. This new access required some alterations to the existing fabric and archaeological investigation. Challenges that needed to be addressed included the available headroom in the existing buildings; maintaining the required humidity with the change of use around the Roman remains and removal of some of the original structure which required liaison with Highways.

Bath and North East Somerset Council : FCBS : £5m
Photographer : James Newton