Digital Building, Cirencester College


Cirencester College combines traditional values with a forward looking and vibrant learning environment. The new building provides flexible and industry relevant learning spaces for students opting for ‘bottleneck’ subjects (which have high capital or on-going costs). As with many education projects, the site remained live throughout. The programme was very tight and had to meet funding requirements. With no record information for existing services for the drainage available, the challenge was to find a drainage solution that worked with the site’s impermeable soils as drainage infiltration was not possible. We prioritised establishing the details of the existing drainage network and liaised appropriately so that the solution developed was agreeable to the Planning Authority. Our 3D modelling helped to coordinate and reduce risk on site. The building design is timeless, with a simple material palette and careful consideration of proportions and landscape. To support this our superstructure is steel with precast planks. A collaborative team approach to the design resulted in the building meeting the brief within budget.

Digital Building Cirencester College : Roberts Limbrick Architects : EG Carter : £5m

‘For a small College embarking on two simultaneous £5m capital projects, Integral Engineering Design have been a valued partner providing timely advice and professional assurance, ensuring the successful completion of both projects to time and budget’
Angelo Faria, Finance Director, Cirencester College