Holme Lacy Campus Café, Class Extension and Workshops

Herefordshire and Ludlow College

Integral have delivered a number of projects for Herefordshire and Ludlow College on the Holme Lacy Campus including an award winning straw bale café with a classroom extension and workshops. The additional classrooms had to be constructed during the six week summer break to avoid any disruption to the students. Prefabricated timber roof and wall panels were chosen to minimise time on site, the insitu ground bearing slab was also reinforced with synthetic fibres as opposed to traditional steel to save time fixing reinforcement. The College also had a number of existing workshops which were clad in asbestos and no longer suitable for teaching purposes. The challenge was to demolish one of the existing workshop buildings and construct a new workshop in its place whilst the students were away on their summer break which was successfully achieved.

Herefordshire and Ludlow College : Hewitt Studios : £2.7m