RES Headquarters


A new office building for a leading independent renewable energy company. Designed to house an additional 400 staff, provide facilities for 50 visitors with an additional 100 car parking spaces and improve staff welfare facilities including a cafe, gym, bike storage and shower facilities. As the site is sloped the new building will be at the lowest point, with the ground floor buried on one side. After exploring multiple options the ground and first floor will be constructed from an exposed concrete flat slab with a high percentage of cement replacement to minimise embodied energy. The roof is a doubly curved green roof to blend in with the existing site, the roof structure is formed from timber beams with curved cross laminated timber (CLT) panels attached over the top. To reduce waste and increase repetition, the building is constructed from three identical segments which are constructed side by side, to allow for repetition in the detailing as well as reuse of the formwork for the flat slab.

RES : Bennetts Associates : £17m