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Practice profile

Practice profile

Founded in 1999, Integral Engineering Design are collaborative structural and civil engineers with offices in Bath and London working throughout the UK.

We want our engineering to leave the world in a better place. Working on a variety of projects, we strive for a social benefit, happy building users, improved environmental impact and pushing engineering boundaries to add value. As structural engineers, we understand the contribution we can make in designing sustainable and accessible spaces and places that will improve and benefit the future of local communities. We enjoy building relationships with clients and all members of the design team to make the journey to delivery a positive experience.

Every project is run by highly motivated teams led by a Director and their experience brings many benefits especially with regard to confident and effective problem solving. In order to provide stability to the project our teams are consistent and responsive throughout. We understand the importance of bringing projects in on time and to budget and all of our staff are dedicated to low carbon sustainable design.

As well as new buildings Integral have a strong reputation for creative re-use. Our philosophy is we need to build less and re-use more and this requires an intelligent approach to existing buildings in terms of material and components to benefit the environment.

Our conservation work is respected by our peers. Two of our engineers are on the Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineering (CARE) and more are seeking to join the register. This and our experience on many heritage frameworks means clients can be confident that our conservation expertise is of the highest standard.