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Client:Hereford College of Arts
Architect:Hewitt Studios
Construction value:£1m

Arts Space

Hereford College of Arts

The Arts Space is a striking new entrance hall, café and exhibition space for the college. The main space is for the display and exhibition of students’ work as well as providing an area for the students to meet and catch up. Our challenge was to create a structure which was an integral part of the space and serve as an inspiration to the students. In the ten years prior to the project there had been great advances in timber engineering and we thought it would be exciting to try and incorporate these into the design, resulting in a striking exposed timber frame.

“The new Art Space is uplifting and inspiring and has made a positive contribution to the way students and staff feel about coming into college each day; a lot of attention has been paid to the small details as well as the overall concept, and that really makes a difference.”

Richard Heatly, Principal, Hereford College of Arts