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Client:Oxford Brookes University
Contractor:Morgan Sindall
Construction value:£69.9m

Clive Booth Student Village

Oxford Brookes University (OBU)

Oxford Brookes University wanted to redevelop their existing low rise and outdated accommodation into a contemporary woodland village, with a higher density and a mix of accommodation types such as concrete framed flats and townhouses. There will be 1035 new beds in total which is a net gain of 573. The design is focused around improving the student experience by considering wellbeing, shared spaces, interaction and supplementary amenities. The landscape is an important contributor to this and the building layout was designed to retain trees and embrace the steeply sloping contours. The existing drainage network was close to capacity and the site had poor infiltration, however early liaison and negotiation with the local authority, lead local flood authority and water authority meant our design minimised the amount of attenuation storage on site yielding a saving of around £400k.