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Client:College of Law
Architect:Gaunt Francis Architects
Construction value:£0.5m

College of Law

Temple Circus, Bristol

The College of Law occupied a Bristol city centre office block which needed a major refurbishment under a fast track programme, including major structural alterations. “Out of the box” thinking was required to develop cost effective solutions which were integrated with architectural and services requirements. This seven storey concrete framed building, with basement is located on a city centre site. Two floors were fitted out for The College of Law, requiring major structural alterations, whilst other areas of the building remained occupied. The College of Law have high occupancy levels and the project included seminar rooms, teaching spaces and a major upgrading of services and IT. Major penetrations were needed through the floors for new services risers. To provide a connectivity between the two floors a new internal stair was provided necessitating the removal of a large section of floor which also provided support to the façade. Working with experts at the University of Bath we developed a solution to bond carbon fibre plates and sheets to the structure to avoid unsightly strengthening beams.

“So much thought and effort has gone into the design and the construction”

Centre Head, College of Law