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Client:Elmore Court
Architect:Millar Howard Workshop
Contractor:JR Building
Construction value:£0.4m

Gillyflower Wedding Venue

Elmore Court, Gloucestershire

The Gillyflower at Elmore Court is a wedding venue in the grounds of the historic estate with a minimal carbon footprint. The building is behind the main listed Grade II* house and is being used as a wedding reception venue for dinner and dancing. Rammed earth was chosen for its sound insulation properties and because it could be locally sourced from the estate. A green roof means that the building blends into the landscape when viewed from the main house, and clerestory glazing allows the interior to feel particularly spacious and light. The project was featured in the BBC2 programme The Planners and revisited in January 2014 in a new series ‘Not In My Backyard’.