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Client:Neath Abbey
Contractor:Sally Strachey Historic Conservation

Neath Abbey, Port Talbot

Integral are working on a five year plan for Cadw to provide the structural engineering and help fulfil the requirement to consolidate, restore and safeguard the monastic ruins of Neath Abbey in the context of a scheduled monument. The abbey was founded in 1130. Absorbed into the Cistercian order it went through various reconstructions until the Dissolution of the Monasteries when parts were converted into a Tudor Mansion. It was later used as a copper smelting and casting workshop before coming into state ownership in the early 20thC. The phase 1 repairs are focused on the16th Century Tudor Mansion House and the Abbot’s Dormitory range. Our main role has been to look at overhanging or unstable masonry and specify repairs where required and to provide solutions for water ingress into the wall cores. We have advised on loading and investigation works to the existing 1960s roof structure over the Abbot’s Dormitory, constructed using railway tracks and reinforced concrete, spanning between the head of the vaults below.