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Client:Gordon’s School
Construction value:£1.7m

Performing Arts Centre, Gordon’s School


Redevelopment of an existing gymnasium and swimming pool building into a modern and flexible performing arts centre for Gordon’s School in Woking. Reimagining this space required a detailed assessment of the existing masonry building as well as close work with the design team and theatre specialists to provide a first class facility while avoiding the need for extensive new interventions. Time was spent early on in the design to visit and assess in detail the existing buildings to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding their current condition and structural arrangement. Working closely with the design team, this knowledge could then be employed to inform the wider design to lessen or mitigate possible structural difficulties such as the arrangement of the lighting gantries in the auditorium. Where new extensions have been added, expressed timber structures give unique identity to the space while minimising the carbon footprint of the scheme.