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Architect:Hopkins Architects
Construction value:£11.3m

SciTech Centre, Haileybury


The project at Haileybury will provide state-of-the-art teaching and study spaces for its pupils. The development comprises a new three storey teaching building and a new two-storey research building. A single storey cloister building provides a central corridor space, linking the two new blocks and the existing Baker and Design Technology buildings. Part of the Design Technology building will be demolished to allow the construction of the cloister and the Biology building to the north of the site will be demolished as part of the works. Integral carried out an assessment during the initial stages presenting three alternative structural framing solutions and their respective embodied carbon values. This assessment was carried out for both the Teaching and the Research Block. The use of CLT provides a substantial saving in embodied carbon over steel or RC framing options and this was the preferred solution and a feature has been made of the CLT in the design.