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Maximillian (Max)

Chief Wellbeing Officer

Max is a cocker spaniel and has worked at Integral for 3 ½ years. He takes his role as Chief Wellbeing Officer very seriously. He frequently checks in on all members of staff to ensure they are having regular breaks, putting his timekeeping skills to good use – particularly 11am and 3pm when he is partial to a couple of biscuits himself!

Max brings a sense of calmness to the office and regularly takes part in internal and external team meetings. He provides Integral with an invaluable service as Lunch Quality Control Officer and is generally happy to test anything other than fruit.

Away from the office Max’s hobbies include chasing squeaky tennis balls (which have been banned in the office for some reason!) and he enjoys long walks in the countryside (so long as they are dry, he hates water). He can often be found snoozing in unusual places and preferably in the sunniest spot possible.