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Assistant Wellbeing Officer

Nellie is a show cocker spaniel and has worked at Integral for 1 ½ years and staff wellbeing is her passion. She frequently checks in on all staff to ensure they are having regular breaks, in the process making sure she receives ample tummy strokes. Nellie will happily show off her latest trick in exchange for tasty treats before settling down for some valuable sleeping time. Among her many qualities, she is particularly diligent at ensuring everyone has stored their lunch correctly in the fridge and will quickly bring attention to items that may have been forgotten and left in bags! Keeping a tidy office is important to Nellie, her bugbears are socks and gloves that may be cluttering the floor under desks. She is always on the lookout and efficiently picks up and tidies away any offending items to ensure the office is always looking clean and tidy.

Nellie enjoys long country walks with her mum and can often be found paddling in brooks, streams and more often than not, a muddy puddle. She loves nothing more than protecting farmer’s fields by chasing away birds pecking at the crops. She loves a good snooze on the sofa and will happily while away the evening watching her favourite animal programmes on TV.