Paddling harder doesn’t help if you’re going in the wrong direction!

25 May 2017

Seven members of Integral headed off from work on a Wednesday evening for a canoe on the River Avon.

This was a first for some of us but with the sun shining bright outside we could not possibly back out now.

Once on the water we headed south along the river towards the centre of the city of Bath in a zig-zag fashion. We questioned if it was even possible to go in a straight line! Gradually we got the hang of things and made it to Pulteney Weir. It was quite spectacular being able to see Bath from an alternative perspective and the views were superb!

After two hours on the water we all made it safely back onto dry land, with only one member of the team capsizing (twice) – we think he just likes the water!

This most certainly was a mid-week treat and we would like to thank Bath Canoe Club for making it possible.