The Integral Experience

23 August 2017

Cristian our placement engineer from the University of Bath summarises his experience of his first few months.

Within just a few weeks I have been able to make use of learnt knowledge with design calculations, learn software such as Revit and GSA analysis, go out on numerous site visits and even get fit with morning jogs alongside co-workers. The support from everyone and the friendly environment has made me feel welcomed and part of the team. This has assured me that I have made the right career choice and look forward to get involved in more exciting projects. In addition at Integral it has been more than just learning as I have been involved in activities outside work and one that that stood out was when I got to go to a tour of the amazing Clifton Suspension Bridge. Just to put into perspective this is me compared to this monumental structure.

Cristian Elizalde-Rivas
Placement Engineer