Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) on Steel

7 December 2017

There is a great proliferation within the construction industry of precast concrete planks on steel frames and this begs the question why not substitute precast concrete planks with CLT timber floor panels?

The obvious benefit is environmental as CLT panels provide a lower embodied carbon solution but there are other advantages. CLT panels are prefabricated to a high quality, they avoid the need for wet trades and the installation is not weather dependant. The floor construction is lighter resulting in savings in both steel weights and foundations. Exposing the CLT panels on the underside creates a warm timber finish which can readily receive services fixings. Integral Engineering Design were early adopters of CLT and successfully used CLT on a steel frame for the Royal Opera House Bob and Tamar Manoukian Costume Centre with other projects underway. Google and Dyson are also adopting this form of construction for their new offices and we positively support this approach.

Tim Mander