Apex City of Bath Hotel in-house video case study

4 January 2018

Finding new and exciting ways to disseminate our work is always challenging.

Having been told for some time that video was very popular we decided to give it a go. The Apex City of Bath Hotel was ideal as a video case study, opening last summer, it had interesting structural and civil engineering challenges, was delivered on time and was local to our Bath office. Initially, knowing how busy people are, we wanted the film to be two minutes long but as any of you who have tried this medium will know, it is very difficult to do this – we will try harder next time! We worked out the rough story and who was going to do what. A lot of research went into how to use an SLR digital camera for video, the additional equipment we needed such as microphone and slider rail, what music does not have copyright issues etc. Becky took on the brunt of the work undertaking the filming and working out how to use the video editing suite. It was a very enjoyable experience and we are looking forward to making more videos. To watch the video click here.

Dawn Abercromby

Business Development Manager