Oh deer late for work

8 May 2018

It was in the canal – a deer!

I couldn’t bring myself to leave it, I ended up following it for a bit hoping it would find a way out but it eventually came over to the tow path side of the bank where I was able to haul it out; I think its desperation overcame its fear of people temporarily. I warmed it up for a while with my coat but whilst waiting for the RSPCA it got jumpy as other people started to appear and jumped back into the water. I managed to get it out again. I decided that: a) it was probably healthy given its escape and b) that waiting another hour for the RSPCA would probably land it back in the canal. I dried it off again and got the help of a canal boat. The deer clearly wanted to be on the other side. I went too and settled it down in the woods, hoping that being away from people it would recover and find its way.

This is possibly the most farfetched reason for being late for work ever so I had to take a picture to ensure everyone didn’t think I was crazy!

Joe Williams
Graduate Engineer