Exciting new design for an environmental EV charging hub

18 May 2018

The continued growth in the use of electric vehicles means there is an increasing requirement for more charging stations and an enhanced user experience.

To address this need we have supplied the structural engineering for the K:Port project, the brain child of Hewitt Studios, where the EV charging takes place under an aesthetically pleasing canopy. It is hoped that a project in Portishead for North Somerset Council will become the prototype for future developments. The Portishead K: Port will form part of the region’s Travelwest state-of-the-art rapid charging network with full Smart App and RFID card functionality.

The concept for K:Port derives from the Japanese notion of ‘Komorebi’; the dappled light which occurs when sunlight shines through the leaves of a tree. The theme is apparent throughout the scheme, from the form of the canopy itself and the timbers which make up its structure, to the collection and use of rainwater and sunlight. The canopy is supported in a timber grillage which spans between the timber ‘branches’ of the tree structure.

The K:Port is an entirely prefabricated construction and can be erected in just two to three weeks on site with minimal environmental disruption.