An update from Integral Engineering Design

19 October 2018

After sponsoring First Thursday it has been an exciting few weeks at Integral Engineering Design.

On Thursday 4 October eight members of Integral headed to Bristol to present at First Thursday. Ten minutes is not long to summarise what we do, so we accompanied this with a film produced in-house, to uncover a bit more about what we get up to on a daily basis – our lunchtime yoga sessions became a bit of a talking point at the networking to follow! With a great turn out and successful presentation everyone left in great spirits and eager to return to Bath for a glass of prosecco at our annual away day evening meal.

An early start the next day and all members of Integral were on a train to Cardiff. The first activity was a climbing session – with some completely new to this and others more experience there were mixed opinions and some worried faces before the session began. Despite this we all took on the challenge and faced our fears. Working up quite an appetite we headed to lunch before our next stop the Escape Room. With two of the four teams breaking out in time and one extremely close we did well, and more importantly all escaped just in time to make our train back to Bath!

Back in the office we have replaced our old server and can now work more effectively and quicker! Mike has also just joined our team and will be working in our London office, he has just spent a few days in Bath getting to know everyone and it has been a pleasure to have him here.

Our video ‘Life in a day of an engineering practice’ from First Thursday can be seen here.