New beginnings

8 November 2018

With two new starters: Mike Harris, Engineer and Humza Kazi, Graduate Engineer in the London office, we thought it would be interesting for them to give an impression of what it is like to start work with us. An account we hope they can look back on in the future.

Wow! Where has the time gone?

Having been with Integral for two weeks now I could not possibly summarise everything that I’ve been up to, but I will give it a go. I began my first few days with an Induction in the Bath office. Having arrived late on my first day due to train delays I now definitely needed to make a good first impression! I was introduced to the team and it was great to meet everyone in person, no longer just faces on the company website! After a few busy days of induction in the office I was taken on a site visit to the Royal United Hospitals and participated in a design review meeting at a local architect practice.

Back in London I have attended a New London Architectural (NLA) seminar which comprised a walking tour around Hackney looking at CLT projects. This was an extremely beneficial broadening my knowledge of the possibilities of this material.

Site visits have continued in London and I have attended three sites in just two weeks. I am already working on two projects and have been reviewing drawings, attending design team meetings culminating in the re-designing of elements. I have recently learnt how to use GSA, a finite element software, and have successfully been designing elements using this – much to my colleague Giles’ disbelief!

From my time here so far I definitely feel this is a great company to work for. The involvement and insight into the construction industry, the projects in their portfolio and the engineering itself has been great. I have already gained so much information from a short period of time and my knowledge and technical development will grow rapidly working here. This is exactly what I was hoping for.

Mike Harris

Thriving in my first week

As a graduate, the thing I looked forward to the most was being part of a team and actually getting to work on a real-life project, applying the knowledge gained from four years of university and putting it into practice. Luckily for me, Integral gave me that exposure to develop from the first day. Upon arriving, my great team here in the London office showed me the current projects Integral are working on, a portfolio of the projects completed and the project I will be involved with (exciting!). I was able to apply my knowledge from the first day, carrying out hand calculations to design foundation elements for one of our major projects. In addition to the design work in the office, I’ve already had the opportunity to visit two sites: UCL Bloomsbury Theatre and the Essoldo House project in the Kings Road. Giles and I, along with the site engineer, toured the Chelsea site to observe concrete being poured and learnt about the different methods of waterproofing adapted for the construction of the basement. This also gave me the opportunity to visually see the reinforcement details, improving my understanding of reinforcement detailed sections and drawings. This was followed by a trip to Bath to meet the wider team. I’m looking forward to much more!

Humza Kazi
Graduate Engineer