A cracking Christmas at Integral Engineering Design

18 December 2018

With the Christmas season almost upon us, Integral organised a Christmas celebration with the whole team from the Bath and London offices.

The day started not so well for one of us, who arrived with his wrist in a plaster cast having fractured this in a game of football. He gamely carried on to enjoy the rest of the day.

The infamous Bath advent balloon popping ceremony took place at tea break with one of the London team doing the honours and as with every day in December we were all showered with chocolates (of a very good quality).

After many productive hours of work in the Bath office we enjoyed a glass of champagne while opening our Secret Santa presents distributed by Santa Joe. There was one unique gift from Santa to all of us – festively decorated loo roll. I guess it’s a good thing to bring the festive spirit to all aspects of the office! Who knows what this all means but no doubt it will become another Integral tradition.

We then headed off to No.15 Great Pulteney Street to enjoy our Christmas dinner. We had the whole Dispensary Restaurant to ourselves and there was a very good atmosphere, lovely food and lots of laughter. Did you know the typical Christmas dinner contains a whopping 6000 calories – which would require running two marathons to burn off? Despite this we didn’t worry about the calories and enjoyed our Christmas meal in a beautiful venue.

Beata Zarzycka