Bath Theatre Trust – Margaret Cooke Trustee

22 August 2019

Integral Engineering Design find theatre projects interesting and rewarding for their role in our culture and community.

As well as undertaking the structural and civil engineering on a number of theatre projects we take a wider interest in their ongoing life. We are corporate members of the Theatre Trust and in January 2019 Margaret Cooke, one of our Directors, was elected as a Trustee of the Bath Theatre Trust. Since she has enjoyed getting to know the building, her fellow trustees and the management team. The Theatre was on the edge on existence in 1979 when it was bought by entrepreneur Jeremy Fry who subsequently transferred ownership to the Bath Theatre Trust (BTT). The remit was that the Trustees should let the Theatre to “a charitable body whose aim is to promote, maintain, improve and advance education, particularly by production of educational plays and the encouragement of the Arts” – the Theatre Royal Bath Ltd. Margaret was put forward to be a Trustee by the well respected (late) Michael Dickson who was deeply involved in the new building work at the Theatre, both as a Trustee of BTT and as Chair of Buro Happold who carried out recent design work. He felt that the Board of BTT should continue to have someone with listed building and conservation experience after he retired and put Margaret’s name forward.

The Trustees of BTT have diverse interests but what unites them is a love of live theatre. Margaret adds to the Board her expertise of building fabric and of how to let it change over time without losing the intrinsic nature of its significance. Her role as a Trustee is not to do the design work, but to sit “client side” checking that design work that is undertaken is appropriate and respectful of the original fabric and the essence of the Theatre.