What did they get up to this time?

1 October 2019

Every year we have a team building away day organised by one or two of our newer intakes; a closely guarded secret up until the moments before departure.

This year the mystery journey started for the Bath based staff, very early, on a Centurion coach. Time whizzed by and several hours later we were dropped in a carpark somewhere in Greenwich to be united with our fellow team mates. Divided into three teams, Big Smoke Events, had organised us a competitive time bound scavenger hunt which included all of the team getting into a phone box, high-fiving a police officer and doing yoga in a station. This excitement was followed by pie and mash and jellied eels for some lucky punters and the ceremony to announce the winning team. No time allowed for idleness and on to the next challenge with Up at the O2 – climbing the roof of this arena. Donning the safety equipment and being carefully harnessed to a rail we started our ascent up a fabric walkway to a viewing platform. Here we were provided with unique sights and stories of London town accompanied by noticeable gusts of wind, for added excitement, before a steep descent. Those brave team mates who had overcome their vertigo and fear of heights, with the sympathetic encouragement of the guides (and the comforting knowledge the founding Director of Integral had worked on the design), were at this point told to just get on with it – we did all arrive safely at the bottom on schedule. Not having had enough carbs for the day, tea was at a nearby pizza restaurant accompanied by a beer or two and followed by an enormous portion of sticky toffee pudding. All in all an exhilarating day and a quiet coach whisked us all back home.