Festivities commence

13 December 2019

It is always great to welcome our London team to the Bath office and even more so for our Christmas celebrations.

As the end of the working day approached excitement was high as we could hear the popping of the prosecco corks from our desks. The evening was due to commence… As the tradition we handed out the Secret Santa present, while sipping on our chilled drinks, and once again there was the gift of festive toilet roll for one lucky staff member!

Rounding up at the office we set off to The Botanist for our Christmas dinner. A delightful setting and fascinating building – The Octagon – that after some research we found out originally served as a private chapel for the well-to-do in Bath.

The three-course dinner was served and for some the main course was a rather creative display of food – served as a hanging turkey kebab, from which gravy was poured upon from quite a height off the table. It was then a case of eagerly waiting for the gravy to reach the plate below before eating could begin!

A wonderful festive evening was had as our 20th Anniversary year draws to a close.