We declare : sustainability in our work

11 February 2020

The whole Integral team attended our annual business day at the Function Rooms of Green Park Station to look at our future strategy and in particular on how we can operate more sustainably.

In the morning we had a team session on collaborative working using divergent and then convergent techniques to support creative thinking. Our own individual carbon footprints were reviewed in the context of what sustainability means to us and then working in teams we discussed how we, as engineers, can support our clients’ environmental aspirations.

We want to respond to the challenges of the crisis of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss as construction plays a significant role in carbon emissions. The Structural Engineers Declare initiative, which we have signed up for, was examined in the afternoon. Each one of the objectives was reviewed in the context of what we are doing already to minimise carbon in our design work and how we can improve. The key themes arising from this session were summarised and will be included in our strategic plan with targets to reduce our carbon in the year ahead. Our low carbon task force will feed back throughout the year on our progress with regard to addressing our declare objectives.
We had lots of lively and energetic participation throughout the day followed by an excellent team dinner at The Bathwick Boatman.