When vision becomes a reality: a new library for Canford School

2 April 2020

One of my greatest joys as a structural engineer is to see design become reality.

With the development of technology and BIM, 3D modelling of projects enables us to visualise the finished building before a spade hits the ground. For Canford School’s new library building, the design team have been hard at work modelling design options from the concept stage 2 all the way to construction stage 5. These stunning visualisations show the client and future students what they can expect. From the stylish clean lines of the externals to the open, bright internal library and teaching space with soft exposed timber structure. It has been a fun challenge developing the structure which is expressed through the architecture with simple elegance. We await the final building with excited anticipation and look forward to these beautiful illustrations being brought to life.

It may be a far cry from the current site in progress… that is all part of the delight in seeing a building take shape from ideas, to paper, to muddy ground works, all the way to finished creation.

Maria Schaerer
Senior Engineer