Sustainability: a casualty or beneficiary of COVID 19?

26 May 2020

On Friday 22 May, Claire, one of our directors, was on the panel for a thought-provoking webinar discussion on whether sustainability will be the casualty or beneficiary of COVID 19.

She was joined by Joe Williams of Feilden Clegg Bradley and Simon Ebbatson of Elementa with Marcel Hendricks of the ACN as chair. Covering the overall themes of home, travel, production/specification and work, they explored questions such as: will hygiene and social distancing affect the way we use and design sustainable buildings? Will we consume more resources like chemicals, water and energy keeping our hands clean and our building ventilation high? Will low embodied energy solutions like timber and building reuse be viable in a post-C-19 world? And how do we ensure the climate change agenda doesn’t get sidelined by pandemic measures? It was evenly matched, but the glimpse of the “New Norm” that the pandemic has afforded us with less traffic, cleaner air, fewer carbon emissions and a re-evaluation of what is important in life, we hope will inspire people to push more strongly for a greener world. The video recording is available here.