Imperial College work shadowing – video meetings on careers in engineering

4 August 2020

COVID-19 has caused us to change many of the ways we live and work.

For some engineering students at Imperial College, this meant that their work shadowing became, for now, a video meeting to discuss engineering careers. A great benefit of this was I could speak to multiple students in one sitting (and they could even be aboard!). I understand that we will be welcoming one of them to our London office, when it is safe to do so, for some hands-on experience.

It was good fun to discuss what I actually do each day, and the changes we have made to make it possible to continue delivering projects in the current conditions. Great questions such as “What is the dark side of engineering? Do I have to work weekends??” and “How do we get to carbon zero?”. Of course there is no dark side, and I don’t have to work weekends – phew! (Although I did have to say it varies between companies and I have been asked to work weekends at a previous engineering consultancy.) I am sure I’d be a very popular person if I could provide a simple answer to carbon zero, even defining it is tricky! I was happy to give some of my ideas and examples of the part Integral is playing, with all the more focus since signing the Institution of Structural Engineers Declare. It has been fantastic to talk to these keen, fresh new engineers and I am confident they have wonderful careers ahead!

Maria Schaerer
Senior Engineer