Our carbon footprint matters

3 December 2020

Where we can’t reduce carbon, we offset.

This year has been tough for everyone and like others, we have been successfully working from home since March. The virus has meant that we have had to embrace the use of video conferencing as well as reducing site visits and external meetings for the safety of our employees and others. A lot of our carbon usage comes from travelling and, our hope is, that in the future we can continue to reduce our footprint with ongoing use of technology. However, this does not just mean that we will travel less, we are for example making use of tablets for calculations and hand-drawings, so that these are stored electronically to reduce our paper usage. We have also all been amazed about how few prints we need when we are forced to forgo the facilities of the work copier!

Of course, off-setting is not the answer, reducing and eliminating our carbon footprint must be the end goal for all of us. However, despite all the things that we do at the moment, we still have a carbon footprint as a business and it is important to us that we continue to off-set the carbon that we do create. This year we have supported the Kenya Reforestation project. Not only is the project succeeding in planting trees, but also benefits the whole community as the growing forest becomes a community resource. It is quite humbling to realise just how important this sort of initiative is in making a real difference to people’s lives.

Pat Hobbs
Practice Manager