Sponsorship of Kate Strong

17 December 2020

We are delighted to be sponsoring Kate’s values and vision as she attempts a new World Record in January 2021.

Annually in past years at Integral we have hosted events at the Velodrome in Newport and more recently at the VeloPark in London and in 2019 several members of the Integral team eagerly volunteered to cycle from our London to Bath office to celebrate our 20th anniversary – most keen for a challenge! However, this year has been more challenging in a different way and we have not had the opportunity to host events such as these or take part in activities outside our work. As an alternative, we are delighted to be sponsoring Kate Strong to start off 2021, a local female cyclist taking on a World Record attempt.

Kate will be cycling on a static bike for 24 hours on January 7th – January 8th, attempting to create a New World Record for the ‘Furthest Distance Covered on a Static Bicycle in 24 hours’, while also attempting to break the 12-hour world record within the same period. The main reason she is completing this challenge is to promote diversity and inclusion within a sport and business where world records are typically male orientated. With a significant gender imbalance in cycling, it can be hard to be recognised. But Kate hopes for change. She hopes that in ‘taking on this challenge, a path will be clearer for other women to rise up and step into their own potential.’

We truly admire Kate’s determination to strive for greatness while drawing attention to the discrepancy between male and female cyclists. At Integral we strongly believe in the importance of promoting diversity in all sectors, the structural engineering profession included where an imbalance between male and female professionals is still apparent.

As a company we have high ambitions, we strive to ensure that our engineering leaves the world a better place. As a signature to Engineers’ Declare we take positive action in response to the climate emergency. The whole team have a keen interest in sustainable design and as a practice each year we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Our choice for travel is reflected by this and cycling not only has minimal environmental impact, but also provides positive mental, physical and social benefits.

Joining Kate in her focus on making a positive change we are excited for what 2021 will bring. We look forward to supporting her values and vision by joining her on the 7th – 8th January as sponsors for her World Record attempt.

We wish her all the best for her training over the Christmas period!