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Our experience on the barriers to low carbon design has been published in The Structural Engineer

By 6 October 2022November 21st, 2022No Comments

Our experience on the barriers to low carbon design has been published in the Structural Engineer

6 October 2022

We are thrilled that our Director Claire Thomas has had her opinion viewpoint published in the Structural Engineer Volume 100 issue 9.

The article explores how we have fared regarding low carbon design solutions and how we can encourage a greater up take of low carbon outcomes.

Integral undertook a high level review of projects over the last five years to evaluate how they performed in providing the lowest carbon solution. As a practice we understand our role in mitigating climate change and have the expertise to advise our clients and design teams especially if appointed in a timely fashion. Indeed on three quarters of our projects we did offer a low carbon solution but obviously there is still room for improvement here and in the acceptance of the low carbon solution offered which was just over two thirds. An analysis was undertaken to identify the barriers firstly in why we did not always offer the lowest carbon solution and why when we did, that this was not always accepted by the client. The evaluation of the reasons were grouped into categories. The outcome is that some of the barriers we can overcome such as technical perception which requires more data and research outcomes for persuasion. Others for example the cost implications and insurance will require legislation and the industry to do more to change mindsets. We can congratulate ourselves on our achievements but there is still more to be done.