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Welcome back Amanda

By 10 January 2022November 21st, 2022No Comments

Welcome back Amanda

10 January 2022

Last week we welcomed Amanda back from her maternity leave. Lots has happened since she has been away but Amanda has had the biggest change of all and this is one of the times when life work balance becomes so important.

This is what Amanda had to say after her first week.

“I’m back…! Bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to go – feeling refreshed after 6 months away from the office. Mmm well that’s the ideal scenario but probably not the reality. Yes I am back and refreshed now as much as I ever will be from maternity leave and dare I say it eager to get stuck in again. I’ve had an incredible and life changing few months – made all the better having timed it perfectly out of lockdown! Becoming a mum has certainly changed my perspective on life and going back to the office will not be without its challenges! But in attempting to juggle my home vs work life balance I’m ready to embrace it. Working for Integral with the kind support from my colleagues and the lure of interesting project work I know it’ll be as smooth a ride as it ever can be. So here’s to 2022 – may it be a prosperous year for us all. I look forward to working with old and now colleagues again and the many opportunities this year will bring.”