Our approach to projects

19 September 2018

A high level view of the value of structural and civil engineering input.

Our first step is to understand the client’s wider strategy and how a particular construction project fits into realising the objectives of the organisation. All our projects are led by a Director who have the advantage of many years of experience and problem solving abilities and they ensure our team have a good understanding of the project objectives and context. We will work with the design team and the client to understand essential and nice to have requirements to ensure the brief is realistic and achievable within budget. Risks and opportunities are identified from the start of our involvement, owned, managed, monitored and communicated. The site and / or existing building will bring constraints and opportunities and we find out as much as we can as early as impossible. This includes site investigations, historic searches, services searches as well as an unexploded ordnance search. With an existing building we conduct desk top surveys of historic information, conduct structural surveys and where helpful a point cloud measured survey to provide 3D information. To confirm the structure, where necessary, we will supervise opening up works. Both the site and any existing buildings will have a strong influence on the design and the more information there is up front for the design team, the more cost effective the project will be. Integral’s approach is to be an adept, proactive member of the team and we work with and for our client’s to make their lives as easy as possible. Our BIM expertise assists all of the team with coordination and cooperation and Integral have the capability to print 3D models from our software which aids visualisation and consequently stakeholder engagement. When it comes to the construction phase contractors like working with us as we consider buildability early and respond proficiently to site queries.

‘An ideal structural engineer looks like Integral Engineering Design – proactive, dynamic engineers who work well with the team and us as the client.’
David Young, Senior Project Manager Bloomsbury Theatre Refubishment UCL